SMS Service

SMS Service: quality and coverage

Data SMS offers reliable and intuitive tools for sending SMS, MMS and e-mails. A modern company can use any of these information channels for its communications, both internal (employee with no number limit) and external (clients, suppliers, associate).
Our management tools for sending, either single or massive SMS, MMS and e-mails are extremely easy to use and very flexible, allowing scheduled sending and consulting accurate reports of all registered activities. All of this with 24h support.

SMS Services

  • More than 200 direct and indirect connections to phone operators from all over the world
  • Guaranteed safety in all sendings
  • Competitive prices
  • Short numerical codes easy to remember in the language of destination
  • Allows international sending through numerical codes
  • Hosting of international SIM cards

MMS services

  • More than 200 direct and indirect connections to phone operators from all over the world.
  • Message and multimedia WAP push.
  • Short numerical codes easy to remember in the language of destination

Premium SMS

Premium SMS: profitable and reliable massive sending

Our SMS Premium service can send massive SMS at low cost. Data SMS manages the sending assuring the delivery of the final message through different sending methods, that, activated in sequence, obtain a high level of delivery success.

Premium SMS is specially designed for corporate communications because of the following reasons:

- The delivery of the information is almost immediate

- High guaranteed levels of effective information delivery

- Reliability and security in confidential data sending and receiving

- Extremely competitive costs

Premium SMS service applications:

- Urgent information sending both at internal and external company level

- Mobile economic transactions (online banking)

- Only one password to control the access to company programs or confidential information

- Massive sending of warnings, notifications and reminders

Global SMS

International SMS sending

Global SMS is our personalized sending service, both local and international. A worries free service for the clients, where Data SMS will take care of the final SMS delivery through a complete network of rooters and connections which guarantee the quality of the sending.
The client only needs to specify his needs and Data SMS will take care of everything else. Like in any of our services, the client can check the status of his sending in real time by accurate statistics.

Global SMS Characteristics

  • Data SMS offers a unified and simple management of global sending to multiple countries
  • Data SMS will take full care of selecting the most appropriate sending method according to sendings type and reach that a company wants to carry out, to ensure the delivery at the most adequate price possible
  • Data SMS takes care of the content adaptation to local language peculiarities in order to ensure the user receives the information in the best possible way, no matter his location or language
  • Data SMS checks all the configurable aspects of the message to ensure the best delivery: character limit control, special character edition, check of receiver phone number, monitoring of the sending and receiving time.
  • Data SMS monitors it’s systems automatically 24 hours a day to detect any possible bug in real time, ensuring its immediate solving
  • The client controls and monitors sending status in real time

Global SMS service applications:

  • Urgent and critical information sending
  • Security and authentication of information access
  • Marketing and advertising

Mobile payments

Quick and secure cash-free payments

By using mobile payments, the transactions will be immediate and fully safe, with the possibility to bill both single and periodic purchases (subscriptions).
Since billing is done by the mobile operator, before the purchase is completed Data SMS receives real time information on buyer’s available funds, thus minimizing the risk of non-payments.
Data SMS’s payment service centralizes in one payment platform users transactions from all over the world, thanks to more than 200 connections to operators from all over the world.

Mobile payment benefits

  • Charges are added to the carrier’s bill when contract users or are immediately taken away from prepaid card’s balances
  • Minimize default
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 24/7/365 support
  • With our online platform for mobile payment management you will be able to monitor your transactions at any time

SMS Confirm

Message delivery confirmation

SMS Confirm is our service for the message’s delivery confirmation, that registers and informs about the exact time a message was delivered to its receiver and the content of the delivered message with 100% accuracy .
SMS Confirm is specially recommended for clients that need to legally certify the message delivery.

Message delivery process by SMS Confirm

  • The client sends the message to Data SMS.
  • Data SMS sends the message to the receiver.
  • Data SMS gets delivery confirmation from the receiver’s mobile carrier.
  • Data SMS generates a digital document with the information and sends it to a competent body for its certification.
  • Data SMS sends the client the certified document.

OTA Services

Automatized Internet, MMS and WAP mobile configuration

Over the Air services allow wireless data transmission to mobiles, easing the download, configuration and update of mobile services in a hassle-free process for users. Our OTA service allows operating on the mobile (more specifically over the SIM) with the only requirement that the user enables the access to his data; Data SMS will take care of all the rest.
Users first benefit is time saving in managing services such as internet mobile configuration, WAP download or MMS, which makes many users willing to adopt the system. Data SMS manages the OTA service for MNO, MNOV, MVNE and end service suppliers (web pages and mobile products such as app, games, ringtones). Integration with MNO, MVNO and MVNE is very simple by API.
Clients can procure their mobile number, the type of device they want to connect to, and the web page address; or they can trust Data SMS with the device identification through its TAC. We have a great TAC data base and configuration data for thousands of devices.

OTA main applications are:

  • Automatic internet mobile configuration
  • Automatic MMS configuration
  • Automatic video download

Prepaid Loyalty Rewards service

Reward the client through his prepaid card

Data SMS Prepaid Loyalty Rewards service offers the possibility for clients to reward their customers in a simple and efficient way, by adding small payments to their prepaid card’s balances.
These bonuses will be added to the card funds immediately, increasing customer loyalty at little cost, by avoiding the high costs and logistic issues that sending physical presents implies.