SMS Hubbing

Best Quality and Price

To ensure a worldwide information sending at the most competitive prices, Data SMS joins the SMS Hubbing initiative, which allows to select at any time the most adequate and profitable service supplier for the sending of SMS to any corner in the world.
Data SMS Hubbing solution offers the highest coverage levels, reliability and scalability. We offer a flexible and simple service, which offers many different connection options unified in one managing platform.

Benefits of SMS Hubbing sending by Data SMS

  • Guaranteed quality of the delivery route. Data SMS detects and solves automatically any problem that may arise in the daily SMS sending such as route suspension, the bad quality of some routes, price manipulation, etc.
  • SMS cost reduction thanks to the saving of time and money that come from simplifying negotiations, legal contracts, technical integration processess and billing management with different carriers.

Data SMS, SMS Hubbing features

  • Massive SMS sending in one single connection
  • 100% reliable and trustworthy SMS sending
  • SMS sending at the most competitive price
  • Continuous real time monitoring of delivery routes>

SMS applications for corporate communications

  • Vertical communication (between different company levels)
  • Horizontal communication (same level, different departments)
  • External communication with clients, suppliers and associates

Outbound SMS

Outbound SMS: SMS sending at the most competitive price.

Considering mobile phone’s penetration rate at a global level, that most of the users carry their mobile with all of the time, and that many researches prove that we check our mobile at least 150 times daily on average*, the reception of a message on a mobile device is the best communication option, even more if it is for urgent and critical information that must be read immediately.
Massive SMS sending to mobile devices through Data SMS allows getting the best prices by selecting the most profitable connection to deliver a message with high quality standards. .
Sending SMS becomes an effective and affordable alternative to emails, business notifications, phone calls, etc., optimising international business communication, both internal and external.

Data SMS outbound technology features

  • Direct and indirect connection to hundreds of SMS operators and network suppliers.
  • Multiple connection possibilities: UCP, SMPP, HTTP/MM7 and SMPT
  • Real time control of sending route
  • Binary SMS support
  • International reception through long codes
  • International SIM card server
  • 24/7/365 technical support


Inbound SMS

Inbound SMS: reliable and modular SMS sending and receiving

Sending and receiving SMS is an effective and proved way to communicate all over the world. In the last few years, thanks to its immediacy and affordable price, it is no more limited to personal communication but is a massive communication channel which easies and optimizes the bidirectional flow of information in modern industry.
Data SMS offers the possibility to send and receive corporative information through mobile. Our clients benefit from our great experience and technical competence, which allows us to offer a service tailored to our client’s needs: expandable, modular and fully trustable.

In order for your project to have success, Data SMS offers:

  • Great coverage reach with national and international carriers
  • Intuitive, complete and simple management
  • Accurate status reports
  • Service and cost control transparency
  • International reception of services through long codes
  • International SIM card server