Mobile as a new control system to access confidential information.

Who doesn’t have a mobile and a personal computer nowadays? Data SMS makes your mobile an instrument for the security and the control of your personal data. Combined with a personal computer, it offers a two-factor authentication service that is simple and efficient.

Two-factor authentication systems require, in addition to a computer, a second control device, with the subsequent expense in it’s purchase and maintenance. Thanks to Data SMS your mobile will be your second control device, with no additional costs.

The use of a mobile as security device has the advantages to be light, portable and ubiquitous. Thanks to Data SMS, the security and protection of data is more affordable and simple, with no efficiency loss.

Mobile Payment

Secure mobile payments without the cash problems

Thanks to Data SMS, the user’s mobile will be their new wallet, a digital one, avoiding the risk of loss or theft that cash implies.
Mobile users will be able to pay online, through SMS or MMS. By paying through added value SMS and MMS, the cost will be automatically charged into the user’s carrier bill.
Our technological platform guarantees economic transactions with absolute security and reliability.


  • User does not have to register to any site or send personal data (name, surname, codes, etc.) to complete a payment, thus protecting his privacy.
  • Payments are completed only if the client has sufficient funds, thus avoiding default.
  • It diversifies and completes the payment options of any service supplier.


  • End users can pay products or single virtual services by sending a value added SMS.
  • Mobile payments allow subscription services, automatically and periodically charging users for the access to the subscribed service.
  • It enables to limit and charge the access to websites or to certain pay sections.
  • It’s ideal for selling online games on a website.

Specifications of Data SMS mobile payments platform

  • Online access which allows real time control of transactions.
  • Easy to integrate: it offers a simple and intuitive transaction management.
  • It offers a unified look and feel for all the registered transactions, independently from the final product or service supplier.

Mobile payment process

  • The user wants to buy a virtual good.
  • When the user begins the purchase process, Data SMS automatically identifies his mobile number and records the amount of money he wants to spend, sending both data to his mobile operator.
  • The mobile carrier either validates or not the purchase, according to the user’s current funds.
  • Data SMS delivers the product or virtual service only in the case of a positive operator response.
  • The transaction will be reported in the monthly bill from the mobile operating company in the case the user has a contract; otherwise it will be immediately charged to his prepaid card.

Mobile information

Real time information sending through mobile

Mobile phones connect users with information from all over the world in real time.
Sending personal and relevant information to users through their mobiles is a simple and safe way to capture their attention and a useful tool to increase their fidelity to a product or a service.

  • Alerting

    The event and the time are completely unexpected. Examples: system failure, cancellation of an event

  • Notifications

    Notifications allow sending users information about an event of their interest at the moment it happens, i.e. confirmation for his purchase, football results, latest news, doctor appointments, etc.

  • Reminders

    Reminders are periodically sent information of some interest to the user, for example birthdays, medications, etc.

Benefits of SMS information

  • It is a very simple, easy an immediate process just like receiving an SMS.
  • To receive an SMS you need no connection or data transfer, just mobile coberage, and you can even receive it abroad.
  • SMS is a mean for information exchange plenty accepted among users
  • The user always has his mobile with him wherever he goes and always pays attention to it. That is why he will be aware of the information as soon as he gets it
  • SMS is short and concise; its information will be fully read.

Mobile Marketing

Interactive and customized client communication

Mobile phones have become something of daily use and omnipresent; it’s logical that marketing campaigns include them as a promotion channel.

Mobile marketing offers the unique possibility to control user’s exposure to a campaign according to time and place (LBS) and high levels of interaction and feedback on the users’ side. Moreover it allows a segmentation of the target clients according to sex, age, customs, etc.

Data SMS specializes in mobile marketing campaigns, offering solutions that are specifically designed and implemented for mobile accesses.

Thanks to our experience in mobile performance marketing and affiliate marketing, Data SMS campaigns efficiently and profitably reach its target clients, focusing on quality leads that really convert.

Data SMS mobile marketing benefits

    Wide range of communication channels for mobile campaigns:

  • SMS, MMS, massive push notifications.
  • Voice call and video call
  • Specific online advertisements for mobile browsers
  • In-game advertising for mobile gaming
  • In-app advertising for mobile applications
  • QR codes: a two-dimensional image that, when scanned by the user, redirects him to a website where he can interact.
  • Control online tools with accurate real time reports which allow constant monitoring of campaigns.
  • Technical support 24/7/365

VOIP solutions

High voice quality in more than 30 countries and more than 2000 mobile and landline lines
Direct interconnection with more than 200 of the major worldwide carriers
DIDs wholesaler with more than 50 countries and hundreds of cities all around the world

Data SMS offers international voice solutions through internet (VOIP) easily applied to any company

Independently from its business size and the complexity of the service required, Data SMS has a perfect voice plan for your company, from secure connection at highly competitive prices to complex solutions and advanced functions such as CLI. Our online system will allow you to immediately manage your calls. Thanks to real time reports you can closely follow prices, CDR and calls details.